Acıbadem City Clinic Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas

Acıbadem City Clinic Burgas Cardiac Surgery Hospital opened in July 2016 and combines invasive cardiology and cardiac surgery in a closed hospitalization circle. The hospital covers a 24-hour emergency for all acute cardiovascular conditions and has a modern equipment in the emergency room and in the room for intensive care. It also offers a transport with resuscitation unit for patients in critical condition.

In 2016, with the acquisition of City Clinic and Tokuda by Acıbadem Healthcare Group, Acıbadem City Clinic Cardiac Surgery Hospital Burgas started collaborating internationally with Acıbadem Hospitals in 5 countries. This has led to the achievement of scientific results at a high level and, in particular, to the development and integration of scientific research, treatment and training, all aimed to provide excellence in healthcare.

1,800 m² Area

The hospital has a 1,800 square meter service area with a capacity of 31 beds and it has the latest generation of high-tech medical equipment; angiographic laboratory, 64-sided multi-detector computer tomography, 2 modernly equipped operating rooms and modern cardio-surgical resuscitation. The Intensive Care Unit unit consists of 8 Cardiovascular intensive care beds.

Medical Specialties

At the Cardiac Surgery department of the hospital all modern cardiac operations for adults are performed. The hospital employs 122 people, of which more than 26 are physicians.

The department carries out medical or interventional treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases such us Coronary artery disease including its most serious forms:

– Acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
– Valvular heart disease
– Rhythm and Conduction Disorders
– Resistant Hypertension
– Acute and chronic heart failure
– Pathology of Peripheral Artery Disease including Carotid and Renal Artery Stenosis, Arteriovenous malformation
– Disease of the aorta

Other cardiac surgical interventions that are performed:

– Aortocoronary bypass, with or without extracorporeal circulation (heart and lung machine), beating heart operations, and bypasses using existing arterial vascular structures
– Heart valve prosthesis
– Valve sparing operations
– Left ventricle volume reduction operations to improve cardiac function

At the hospital, the ward is prepared to accept emergency medical cases such as myocardial infarctions, aortic dissections and other.

Medical Technologies

The Hospital is equipped with a Computer Tomography and Mobile X-Ray which gives the opportunity for better diagnostics of all sorts of diseases. Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) is used for imaging of the arteries and veins in the entire body and it helps vascular diseases to be diagnosed and treated instantly in the same procedure.

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