Acıbadem Sistina Hospital

Acıbadem Sistina Hospital joined the Acıbadem Hospitals Group in October 2011 with a staff of approximately 921 including 134specialist physicians, 15 professors, and 304 nurses and healthcare personnel. Acıbadem Sistina Hospital provides healthcare in all the branches of medicine and its services include specialist centers for Cancer, Breast Health, Spine Health, IVF and Cardiovascular Surgery.


The Hospital occupies 22 000 square meters of in-doors space in a seven floors layout. It is equipped with 11 operating rooms (theatres) and has a capacity of 193 beds and 56 intensive care units (general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology and neonatology).

Eco-Friendly Hospital

Acibadem Sistina Hospital is included on the list of eco-friendly hospitals – those that recycle their waste, thus contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Baby Friendly Hospital

Another proof of our utmost dedication to parturient women and newborns is the achievement of the UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital certificate, awarded to our Department of Neonatology, thereby achieving a “baby-friendly status”. This prestigious certificate was obtained by following the strict accreditation system that requires adopting ten breastfeeding standards stipulated in the so-called “ten steps to successful breastfeeding".

Hospital Rooms

Patient comfort is our priority. Our hospital rooms are designed to meet patients’ specific needs and to provide a pleasant atmosphere, a sense of safety and comfort during the hospital stay. Each room is equipped with a TV set, a bathroom, central heating and cooling systems and nurse call systems. The hospital offers:
• Single rooms
• Double rooms
• Suits

Medical Technology

The hospital is equipped to provide diagnostics and treatment for a variety of diseases including cancer using the Trilogy and PET-CT equipment.

Medical Units

The Cancer Center at Acıbadem Sistina Hospital is fully equipped to provide diagnostics and treatment for cancer and provides nuclear medicine and radiotherapy services. Patients at the hospital benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare through the Cancer, Breast Health, Spinal Health, IVF and Cardiovascular Surgery centers.

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