Patient Stories

Posterior Cordectomy Surgery, patient Habibo Sheik Dahir Ali from Somalia
Habibo Sheik Dahir Ali came from Somalia where she did a thyroidectomy which caused to her a paralysis of both vocal ...
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Yasmine Abulenein / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt
Her heart was stopped for 1.5 hours, her coronary vessels changed for 1 mm. While the Yasmine Revolution was bringing...
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Magevney Ann Stricland / Obstetrics / USA
American friends living in İstanbul recommended Acıbadem to us ofter their good experiences having their baby here an...
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Mohamed Salem Fadel / Neurosurgery / Iraq
We are the family of the patient: Mohamed Salem Fadel We would like to thanks the management of Acibadem hospital and...
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Lynda Pitsakis / Lasic, Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery / England
Move over Madonna! Having read about the “Madonna” face lift that was apparently “only available in the States” (sic ...
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Osama Momamed / Kidney Transplant / Libya
He recovered his health with the kidney of his elder sister. Osama Momamed, who works as an Imam in Libya, Benghazi, ...
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Poiata Nadejda / Radiology / Moldova / 2011
Me, Poiata Nadejda’s daughter, I was here during my mother’s entire treatment. I can confirm that here the staff and ...
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The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life!
The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life! She had lost one eye and was at risk to lose the ...
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“Thanks for your great hospitality!” – Ahmed Mahmud Kabesh
"Meeting us, as well as the high quality hospital that we didn't regret choosing your hospital after a long search fo...
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