Eugen Dumitru Girlescu, Brain & Nervous System, Romania

On 15th November 2012, beginning with our arrival to the airport, the driver of Acıbadem Hospitals Group was expecting us and he drove us to the hospital. There Mrs.Elena was waiting for us and she assisted us during our stay and she helped us regarding our appointments and translations.

I am very content with the conditions here, everybody is professional, the doctors explained me everything into detail and they answered all my questions. The interventions went well, there weren’t any complications and the staff took care so that everything will be alright. As a conclusion I would like to thank everybody who helped me to get here, I’d like to thank Denisa Popa, Travel Medical representative, to Mrs. Elena and to all the doctors and in the future I will recommend Acıbadem Hospitals also to other people because of the high standarts and their professionalism.

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