Nawras Jassim Mohammed / Brest Surgery / Iraq

The story of Nawras Jassim Mohammed in Kayseri “There is life for me in Acıbadem, Kayseri, I know….” “I have never flown before in my life. It was like my heart was going out of its place, I held Usame’s hand tightly until we landed in Ankara. There is a life for me in Kayseri, I know…” Nawras’ story starts. Nawras Jassim Mohammed was born on 21st of September in 1990. Her life going smoothly until 2008 turned upside down with an unfortunate bullet. She was shot from the chest in the middle of the street because she rejected someone who wanted to marry her four years ago. She was taken to hospital by the person who shot him and got an operation. It is exactly four years after the event, but Nawras always complained about the pain from the operation spot. First they did not take her seriously, however, when she started to bleed from the mouth on and on, they got scared and went to Doctor Meysun in Iraq. Doctor Meysun is the responsible doctor for Iraqi radiotherapy patients going to Kayseri. He told that he noticed a chunk in the lung and she needed to be treated in a good health center. Since he knew that radiotherapy patients in Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital were treated with modern technology, he contacted with Dr. Nejat Ferit Yılmaz from Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital. On that, Doctor Nejat informed that they would transfer the patient at once. I will continue telling the rest of the story to you in Nawras’ words: “While I was boarding the plane, I was so scared. When we landed in Ankara together with my mother, Esra (the sister) and Usame (her fiance), my heart was about to stop with excitement. During my time on the plane until we our arrival, I constantly thought about my sickness and hospital. I felt like I would never recover. Finally, we arrived in Ankara, What a beautiful city! But we had many questions in our minds. We called Yunus in every five minutes. As we were looking around surprisedly in the airport, someone came closer. A very big and sincere smile… It was Yunus. We told ourselves he was from Iraq most probably. He was like a relative of ours that we had not seen for years. He hugged each of us, introduced himself. Thinking that we were tired, he took us to the residence where we would stay. Days in Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital On the way to the hospital, I always prayed for recovery. When we came to hospital, Yunus took us to an office. The second person that we saw was Doctor Nejat. (Doctor Necati as Iraqi patients call him). There was life in Kayseri for me, I could feel… After that, the sister of Nawras told the story. She referred to Doctor Nejat as “Ocean”. An immense ocean. She said that his greeting when we stepped into the office for the first time and his giving information about the treatment gave a great sense of comfort to us. First Allah, then Doctor Necati, she said. She said we met you, Handan, on the second day, your sincere smile made us warm inside and you changed us so much. We started the treatment the next day immediately. We planned Nawras’ treatment along with our pulmonary doctor, Nevin Fazlıoğlu, and cardiothoracic surgeon, Mithat Fazlıoğlu. MRI was taken, biopsy was done, and it was clearly indicated that the chunk in Nawras’ right lung should to be excised via an operation. After three days, Nawras was operated and got rid of the chunk in her lung. Nawras’ treatment was completed and now she is full of life. I asked Esra “why are you coming to hospital every day? You are sitting in the cafeteria until the evening, but there are many places to see in Kayseri”, I said and Esra got angry. They were sitting in the cafeteria until late hours as if they were going to work every day. She said “We find peace here, feeling your existence gives us energy”. She continued; “Everything; technology, clean-up, hospital and staff, is perfect. We can find these things everywhere; but not every hospital provides psychological treatment, said Esra. If we had not felt home, Nawras could have never recovered in such a short time. I asked them if they had anything else to say. Usame talked first: “ I do not remember my family, believe me, I really do not remember if I have a family in Iraq. If you ask me who your family is, I will say my family are the people who are in the office of International Patient Facilities, in Acıbadem Kayseri Hospital.” Nawras added later: “we came here eventually for treatment, but when we met you, we forgot our disease and our life. You changed us so much. And now, how can we say ‘Goodbye’ to you and walk away? This is not enough, it will be unfair. This should be our promise to you, it is our duty to visit you no matter what happens. Thank you so much for everyhting that you made us experience, for everything that we cannot forget and for a new life that you gave to me.” The last sentence that Esra wrote with her own hand summarizes this beautiful story: “If this is a goodbye, I promise you I don’t forget you forever and I give my all life to see you again…”

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