Osama Momamed / Kidney Transplant / Libya

He recovered his health with the kidney of his elder sister.

Osama Momamed, who works as an Imam in Libya, Benghazi, learned that he was a kidney patient following a check-up he underwent 5 years ago. He began receiving dialysis treatment approximately 7 months ago. Momamed, who is also sightless, experienced difficult times during dialysis. During his first days of the disease, he was not very leaned towards transplantation due to his religious beliefs. But undergoing transplantation became inevitable as his problems increased. His elder sister, Hanan İbrahim, wanted to donate her kidney for recovering his brother’s health without hesitation. Momamed and his elder sister Hanan İbrahim came to Istanbul for having transplantation. Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan, the Head of International Hospital Organ Transplantation Center and his team, removed the kidney of the elder sister Hanan Ibrahim by laparoscopic method and transplanted it to the 30 years old Osama Momamed. Osama Momamed, who recovered his health following the transplantation, stated the following: “Firstly, I would like to thank my professors and my elder sister, who made a great sacrifice and donated me her kidney. The International Hospital Organ Transplantation Center is amongst the world’s best hospitals performing kidney transplantation”. The elder sister Hanan İbrahim, who said that she was very happy for donating her kidney to his brother, stated the following: “We considered no other alternative than Turkey for transplantation. We fortunately choose International Hospital”. Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan said “Our transplantation was very successful, both the donor and receiver are very healthy”.

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