We are happy and grateful for the amazing services provided.


Age: 15 years old

Country: SOMALIA

Marwan came from Somalia to Turkey seeking a treatment for advanced hearing loss in both ears. He was admitted in Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital where Dr. Mustafa Engin Çakmakçı, ENT Specialist performed a stapedectomy. This is a surgical procedure of the middle ear which involves removing the stapes bone and replacing it with a micro prosthesis in order to improve hearing.

After a successful surgery, Mr. Abdibashir, Marwan’s bir brother, shared a thanks letter with us: “We write this letter to thank ACIBADEM HOSPITAL and the entire staff who were there with us through our journey. A special appreciation to Dr. Mustafa Engin who cared of my brother and performed the surgery.

Our heartfelt thanks to the medical staff who attended to Marwan with much patience, care and kindness through out the two days he was admitted.

We are happy and grateful for the amazing services provided.”

Abdibashir, Marwan’s big brother

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