My name is Zaremba Gheorghe and I live in Morgiunea, Suceava, Romania. I went to Acıbadem Hospital in Istanbul and I was impressed by what I have seen.The treatment applied to my wife Viorica Zaremba took 3 days instead of 6 weeks as it was indicated in Romania. Unfortunately fort he last 2 years I’ve had a lot of experience in the hospitals in Romania and Austria. I went 2 times to AKH Hospital in Vienna, but what I have seen at Acıbadem Hospital is beyond the one in Vienna, starting with the first contact that we had ( Me and my wife had it with Denisa Popa from Bucharest and we would like to thank her) and continuing with the preparations, transport, accomodation and hotel-hospital transfers, translator (a service that is provided only with an extra payment in other hospitals in Europe).I repeat, I write this as a person who has been to hospitals in Europe.

We would like to thank to Irina Kaim for her help as a translator and for the additional information given by her. I recommend Acıbadem to those who have health problems in order to have an opinion of the doctors and the staff working here (…)

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