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The Navio Knee Robot

The Navio Knee Robot

One of the most up to date treatment methods for traumatic and/or spontaneously occurring (primary) knee calcification. The Navio Knee Robot is used in prostheses where the whole knee is not replaced.

During the surgery the patient’s anatomy is loaded onto a digital format. This 3 dimensional data that is special to the patient is processed by the surgeon on the computer and the patient is fitted with the most suitable size prosthesis components to their anatomy. The device software detects the anatomical structures of the knee for the particular patient and by creating an image of the soft tissue balance with mathematical values assists the surgeon in placing implants in the most suitable and balanced form.

The advanced three dimensional technology Navio device transforms the patient’s own anatomical features to a virtual surgical plan. The device enables the standard mechanical shaving plan of deteriorated cartilage tissue to be checked and changed if necessary without even making an incision for the operation (in virtual form on the robot computer). This reduces any incision and shaving errors that cannot be recovered during the operation to a minimum.