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VitalBeam® is a radiotherapy system that can be configured to suit the type of cases that a physician treats most often. Using the same technology platform as the TrueBeam® system, VitalBeam® enables the efficient and accurate treatment of advanced cases.

The intelligent control system of VitalBeam® synchronizes and monitors the system’s fully integrated features, including imaging, treatment, and motion management, so that the doctor can efficiently and accurately deliver high-quality treatment.

Device features

With its high-intensity mode (three-photon and six-electron energies), VitalBeam® is precise, fast, and safe.

VitalBeam® offers high-intensity mode (flattening filter-free) technology for faster treatment of complex cases.

It has seamless integration of imaging, treatment, and motion management, including automated and guided workflows with an intuitive interface. VitalBeam® integrates with the ARIA® Oncology information system and the Eclipse Treatment™ Planning System to simplify planning and manage treatment workflows. This feature allows doctors to condense with automated, customizable sequences.

VitalBeam® combines intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy for image guidance and respiratory gating for motion management. It includes adaptive RapidArc® technology for fast IMRT with a high-dose delivery system and a cone-beam computed tomography imaging system.

With VitalBeam®, it is possible to deliver complex treatments using advanced radiotherapy techniques, including IMRT and RapidArc® radiotherapy technology, in a routine treatment session.


VitalBeam® technology provides versatility for treatments throughout the body. The VitalBeam® system addresses a diverse range of complex clinical cases, such as those in the head, neck, breast, lung, pelvis, and prostate.


VitalBeam® provides fast, non-invasive outpatient treatments for a wide range of cancer types.

VitalBeam® enables affordable access to short-dose delivery times and high-resolution imaging. The VitalBeam® system integrates respiratory gating, imaging, and treatment delivery to create a streamlined system.

VitalBeam® allows the doctor to precisely pinpoint the tumor, monitor its position during treatment, and adjust the positioning of the patient for accurate treatment.

VitalBeam® continuously monitors the movement of organs and delivers radiation only when the system is in exactly the right place. With respiratory gating, the treatment beam automatically turns off when the tumor moves outside the target area.

When creating three-dimensional images, VitalBeam® uses an x-ray dosage that is 25% lower than what is possible using other image guidance technologies.

Varian’s RapidArc® technology, which is part of the VitalBeam® system, can deliver a precisely sculpted three-dimensional dose of radiation to the entire tumor very quickly, often in a single 360-degree rotation of the machine around the patient, which typically takes only a few minutes.

Treatment process

Automation of the system helps reduce treatment time. Treatment is typically performed on an outpatient basis, with most sessions taking less than an hour, so the patient can resume their daily life quickly.

VitalBeam® runs smoothly and quietly. With its enhanced communication technology, the therapist can stay in constant voice contact with the patient, making the patient feel safe.